Table of Contents

Atomic Bomb Footage CompilationThis video is a montage of various atomic bombs being detonated, showcasing the awe-inspiring power …The Cold War
In the SuburbsThe primary source I looked at was the film “In the Suburbs”, a film meant …The Affluent Society
Yalta ConferenceIn February of 1945, a meeting was held between President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister …World War II
Holocaust BadgesThroughout European history, there have been many times where Jewish people were legally required to …World War II
Western MigrationThe source is a family photo of Great-Grandparents “Charles Nelson Dunbar”, Mary and my great …The West
1919 Chicago Race RiotPhotograph from Chicago’s Race Riot of 1919 After World War I, many white Americans who …World War I & Its Aftermath
Saga of an OakieThe Source is the memoirs of my great grandfather “Jesse Lee Wright” who is the …World War I & Its Aftermath
Servant Girl MurdersAfter the reconstruction, racial tension in Texas increased and violence erupted. After the civil war, …The West
Puck Anti-Monopoly Editorial “Danger!”This primary source shows a large snake that is coiled around the capital building and …Life in Industrial America